Racial Injustices

In 2015, Black students across the United States began a series of demonstrations about injustices experienced on their campuses. Spurred by multiple racist incidents and subsequent protests at the University of Missouri and Yale University, as well as protests by students in South Africa, Emory students demonstrated in solidarity. Local events at Emory in recent years added to rising discontent.

In 2012, Emory announced the discontinuation of some academic programs and departments.

To justify the cuts as a necessary compromise, a statement from President Wagner invoked to the Three-Fifths Compromise as “pragmatic half-victory.” Given that the compromise enshrined slavery in the United State Constitution, considerable backlash from this allusion followed.

As a result of these and other local and national events, a series of demands were made of the administration by the Black Students of Emory University.

"Black Students Unite Or Remain Forever EXPLOITED" sign held by crowd of Emory demonstrators


Emory Reflects On Black Students’ Demands, Racial Climate

On May 26, 1969, about 500 people rallied together on the Emory quadrangle.

Emory Wheel article on Black student demands and demonstrations in 2015

Typed letter from BSA to President Atwood requesting action on BSA proposals

Black Students of Emory

List of Demands, 2015

Demands made by the Black Students of Emory University in 2015.

"#Black Lives Matter" sign held by demonstrators

Emory Students Protest Racism on Campus

The Emory Wheel

Emory students gathered on Asbury Circle in light of recent international and national racial incidents before marching to Clifton Road, where they blocked rush hour traffic.

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